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Company ProfileMyojo Metals Co., Ltd. non-ferrous metals /
precious metals / rare metals / special printing

We manufacture and sell deposition materials (rare metal and rare earth) and evaporation materials from pure metal sales of various precious metals, purchase of plating scraps and evaporated waste etc.
We are building a recycling-based society that seeks to be a beautiful and affluent earth more than ever and to balance the environmental protection and the sustainable development of society and industry. The wishes of our Myojo Metals are the same. We aim to contribute to society, industry and people tomorrow by synergy of ecology, technology and materials.

Company Policy

We will act with sincerity, with customer trust as the top priority.
Increase the level of knowledge on products and thoroughly manage quality and delivery dates.
Promote recycling and effective utilization of resources through collection and sales of nonferrous metal materials and contribute to the establishment of a zero emission society.
Through sales of clean and energy saving coating materials of rare metals, we will contribute to the protection of natural resources through recycling.
To reduce environmental burden, we will promote energy conservation, resource conservation, waste reduction activities, and turn the "PDCA cycle" of environmental improvement.
We will comply with legal requirements such as Industrial Waste Disposal Law and Occupational Safety and Health Law applicable to our company.
Continually improve the structure of the company.
We will also disclose this policy to the general public.

Myojo Metals Co., Ltd., President, Akihiko Myojo
January 5, 2012

GreetingWe aim to be a company that places emphasis on credit, quality, and the environment and contributes to society

代表取締役社長 明浄章彦

Since the foundation in 1965, Myojo Metals has developed business based on effective utilization of metal waste generated at factory production. Through consistent reuse and effective utilization of resources, we have aimed to contribute to industries and environmental conservation. From the perspective of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), we aim to contribute to the creation of "zero emissions" aiming at zero waste emissions, promoting business as the first priority credit as a designated company of the Ministry of Finance Mint. In addition, we established the New Materials Division in 1988, and in 2018 we set up the import and export business overseas as a division and aim to develop new business. In 2005 we established a quality control system by acquiring ISO 9001. In 2009 we acquired ISO14001 and are actively working on environmental management as well. In the future we will emphasize human resource development along with expansion of business scale, we aim to be a company that employees can work with pride, we will strive to further contribute to the society.Myojo Metals Co., Ltd.代表取締役社長 明浄章彦

Corporate Profile

Company Name Myojo Metals Co., Ltd.
Capital and number of issued share JPY 35,000,000,
Location Main Office
1-3-14, Nagayoshi Rokutan, Hirano-ku, Osaka
TEL:06-6708-7856 (main) FAX:06-6760-7856

China Office
Room 1702, No 5 International Wealth Building, No. 289 Yangzijiang Middle Rd., Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China
Main bank U-BANK EIWA Head Office and Kire Branch
Resona Bank, Limited, Hirano Branch
Kiyo Bank, Limited, Hirano Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Tennoji Ekimae Branch
Kinki Osaka Bank Limited, Yao Branch
Board of Directors President : Akihiko Myojo
Senior Vice President : Kinuko Myojo
Executive Vice President : Masako Myojo
Auditor : Kazuo Hisagawa
Tax Accounting : Kazuo Hisagawa Tax Accountant Office

Access map【main office】

License and Authorization

License for industrial waste collection and transportation

Osaka Prefecture (license No. 2700023223)
Hyogo Prefecture (license No. 2803023223)
Kyoto Prefecture (license No. 2600023223)
Mie Prefecture (license No. 2400023223)
Tottori Prefecture (license No. 3101023223)
Hiroshima Prefecture (license No. 3400023223)
Okayama Prefecture (license No. 3301023223)

License for special industrial waste collection and transportation

Osaka City (License No. 6650023223)
Yokohama City (License No. 05650023223)
Yamanashi Prefecture (License No. 01950023223)

Company History

1965 founded as private firm Myojo Metals
1980 March Myojo Metals was reorganized into a limited company
1988 The raw material division and new material division were established
2001 June The raw material division and new material division were established
2002 The new material division proprietarily developed a Cr target
2003 Started sales of our own Cr target
2005 January Acquired ISO 9001: 2000
Establish quality assurance section of New Material Division
2006 September Introduction of 6-tank type fully automated ultrasonic cleaning device
September Beijing branch office established
October Overseas Business Division established
2009年 January Head office moved to Nagayoshi, Hirano-ku, Osaka city
December Acquired ISO14001:2004
2013 April Capital increased by 15,000,000 yen, 30,000 shares, increased stock
2015 June Kire plant closed
2018 April Overseas division established