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New Material DivisionWe develop new materials,
responding to the needs of advanced fields.

The new material division manufactures and distributes rare metal/rare earth materials for deposition and ion plating processes for home appliances, electronics, computors and state-of-the-art industries. The materials are mainly used for hard coating applications in the manufacture of recording media, semiconductor devices, medical equipment including MRI machines and linear motor cars. The division also supplies different kinds of custom-made materials for laboratory use.

We can manufacture and distribute deposition and evaporating material of rare metal/rare earth.

  • We are able to produce deposition (arc ion plating/sputtering target) and evaporating material (pellet/grain) from below listed elements. Dimension s and forms are available on request (meetings are necessary depending on element) .
  • Purity depends on elements and differs (purity: 2N to 6N).
  • Other materials (alloy/compound) are also available.
  • Fabrication of backing plates and bonding, collection of used targets and re-bonding process can be rapidly handled by our company.
  • Available for R&D use, experimental production to mass-production scale.

Fabrication of rare metal/rare earth products are available on request.

Fabrication of monocrystal plate, ceramic plate, metal plate, glass plate and other substrates is available. Specializing in ultra-precision polishing, we also offer plain polishing services.
We are familiar with the material properties, so the best suggestions are possible. When considering product development with new materials, please do not hesitate to consult us.

We are able to offer titanium in various processed products.

For hard coat deposition material

Application: mainly for tools, injection molds, automobile parts etc.

For sputtering deposition material

Application: coating

Deposition material

Application: coating


Application: testing

Silicon wafer, substrates

Silicon wafer, substrates

Conductive ink

Application: Touch sensor · Electrodes and wiring to flexible substrate · Biosensor electrode, wiring formation etc.

We focused on printed electronics and started handling conductive ink. Dry cure Au · Ag ink manufactured by C-INK does not need sintering, it is metal nano ink which can form electrode wiring on every base.

Pattern printing with conductive ink is attracting for production due to its resource conservation, energy saving and low cost, harmonized with environment using necessary materials when necessary.

・more faster
・more cheaper
・more flexible

Dry cure Au · Ag might be useful if it can be solved by realizing the production process.

Since C-INK's nano ink has extremely high metal purity, it is easy to print quality metal films easily. If you are in need of with nano ink, please do not hesitate to contact us.

New material division main customer

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