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Quality control
Environmental responseEmphasis on quality control, environmental response, and stable supply of services.
We have acquired ISO9001 and ISO14001 and keep the latest version.

We have acquired ISO 9001 from 2005 in order to control the quality and delivery of products. We are also conducting delivery management based on the ISO-compliant quality control system, and we are working on improvement activities with the aim of customer complaint 0 (zero).
In 2009, we acquired ISO 14001, developed energy saving, resource saving, waste reduction, and are working on improvement activities to reduce environmental impact.

We are constantly improving employee awareness by visualizing the PDCA cycle that manages and records ISO 9001 quality

We have been certified since the 2005 certification. Based on strict quality control consciousness, we manufacture products that we deliver to our customers on a daily basis.

ISO 14001, as a corporate social responsibility, we are constantly considering the environment.

As a company dealing with rare metals that are exhausting globally, consideration to the global environment is essential.
Under the management system of ISO 14001, we strive to make daily corporate activities a permanent business.