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For a better tomorrow

Pioneer for Rare Metals

Nonferrous metals/precious metals/rare metals/special printing

Our services include the distribution of precious metals, contract purchasing plating and deposition waste. We manufacture and distribute deposition (rare metal/rare earth) and ion plating materials. Aiming to make the earth more beautiful and richer, the establishment of an environmentally-sound material-cycle society with a balance between environmental protection and the sustained progress of society and industry is under way, and this is also the goal of Myojo Metals. We aim to create a company that contributes to future society, industry and people by synergistically leveraging our ecological and material expertise.

Company Profile

Our long experience and consistent system allows us collection consignment of metal raw materials to sales

We are engaged in recovery, analysis, sorting and reuse of various nonferrous metals and precious metal scraps. Aiming for strict quality control, received raw materials are generally inspected at our company

Raw Material Division

Manufacturer and sale of rare metal and rare earth coating materials and evaporation materials

Manufactures and markets rare metal and rare earth coating materials and deposition materials used in advanced industries such as recording media, medical equipment such as MRI, and electronics centering on hard coats

New Material Division

We export our products mainly to Asia and America

We will expand the operations of Raw Material Division and New Material Division to the world and export our products and services. We will procure materials for recycling mainly from China and also the United States and Canada.

Overseas Business Division