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Raw Material DivisionWe contribute to a recycling society
with recycled metals.

Contract collection services to distribution of non-ferrous and precious metal.

The raw material division deals with the domestic recycling business and collects, analyzes, selects and recycles different kinds of non-ferrous and precious metal scraps. To ensure strict quality control, collected raw materials are basically inspected in-house. Years of experience and a consistent system are the keys to the success of our contract collection services and sales of base materials.

Contract collection of non-ferrous and precious metal, sales of pure metal, collect pure metal and alloy scraps

Our services include the distribution of different kinds of nonferrous metals and contract purchasing, refining and the recovery of plating and deposition waste. In respect of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other precious metals, we purchase electronic devices, disposable catalysts, PCB and other scrap that contains such metals. We also purchase nonferrous metal (nickel, titanium, copper, niobium, cobalt, chromium, tungsten, molybdenum, indium and tantalum, etc.) scraps. Overseas division also import and export nonferrous and precious metal scraps listed above for use as recycling resources mainly from Asia and North America.

Flow of raw material scrap

Rare metal contained in metal scrap obtained from scrap producers are separated and analyzed using our proprietary technology and sold.

Flow of precious metal recovery (Au, Ag, Pt, Pd others)

Small amount of precious metals are contained in semiconductor and other electronic devices. Precious metals are efficiently collected from such devices.

Semiconductor devices, lead frame, plated materials, deposition materials, PCB scrap, plating solution, jewelry and other materials including precious metals are collected.

Scope of businessnonferrous and precious metals

Nonferrous metals

Distribution of base metals including nickel, titanium, copper, niobium, cobalt, chromium, tungsten, molybdenum, indium and tantalum, etc.

Precious Metals

Distribution of precious base materials, purchasing and contract refining/recovery of plating/deposition scrap. Precious metal circuitry in electronic devices, disposable catalyst, PCB scrap and other materials that contain precious metal.

Raw material division main customer

Ministry of Finance Japan/Japan Mint/Mitsubishi Electric Corp/Mitsubishi Materials Corp/Toshiba Kankyo Solution Co., Ltd/JX Metal Trading Co., Ltd/Kohsei Co., Ltd/Suzuki Industry Co., Ltd/A.L.M.T Corp/Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd/Oda Koki Co., Ltd/Shinei Kikou Co., Ltd/A&H Japan Corp/Ohkuchi Electronics Co., Ltd/Mitsui Bussan Metals Co., Ltd/Mitsui Kushikino Kozan Co., Ltd/Ohgitani Corp/Metal Do Co., Ltd/Renesas Technology Corp/Hitachi Metals Ltd/Imoto Special Metallurgy Co., Ltd/Joetsu Bronz1 Corp/Tokai Sumitomo Electric Industries Seimitsu Ltd/Omron Corp/Ricoh Electronic Devices Co., Ltd/Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations, Inc/Panasonic/ Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations, Inc/HRC Co., Ltd/Kohwa Sanshow Co., Ltd/HRC Co., Ltd/ World Metal Co., Ltd/Trust Co., Ltd